Thank you for the awesome review Western Colorado University Foundation!

Thank you for the awesome review Catherine - we had a marvelous time and we were grateful to be asked to play two years in a row! 🤠🎶💜

"This is the second year that Barbara Jo and the Hippie Buckaroos have played at our non-profit fundraiser. They are completely amazing and exceed all expectations. I highly recommend this group who are talented, kind, and professional."

—Catherine L., August 29, 2019

More: Once again, Barbara Jo and her heart-throb Hippie Buckaroos performed our Classic Country, Folk, Bluegrass (with a little Classic Rock for good measure) music for WESTERN COLORADO UNIVERSITY at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms in LIttleton. “It takes a village” to do something like this and we had it last night! Thank you Stormin’ Norman, Dobro Bob, Darling Darryl, David Okay, and Jackson. Can’t say enough good things about Lafayette’s famous Lonesome Rolan - our expert sound engineer for arriving very early to set up the sound equipment, easy-ups and rugs and running perfect sound for us all night and on top of all of that - adding to our finale Jambalaya with Big Red - his infamous accordion. Thank you to singer/songwriter Deano Boulderino (Dean Himes) for your stellar third set (it was a 4-set evening). This was our second time being invited to play for Western CO University (Fundraiser) and they already want to book us for next year. YUP - it was a really great night. 🤠🌺🎶🎻🎼☮️👏🌳❤️💙💜💗💚🧡